Yesterday, we learned that Georgia Governor and voting rights crusader Stacey Abrams would not be attending President Joe Biden’s voting rights speech in Georgia today.

Pretty bad look for the Biden administration, seeing as voting rights are Stacey Abrams’ cause célèbre.

Joe Biden may not be aware of much these days, but it seems he’s at least aware enough to know that the optics here aren’t the best.

So he’s doing what he can to put out any fires of speculation:

Everything’s fine!

Nothing for anyone to be at all concerned about. Stacey Abrams loves her some Joe Biden and definitely isn’t worried that he’s the kiss of death or anything like that.

S’all good, man.

If this is what Joe needs to tell himself to get through the day, then who are we to begrudge him?

We’re normal, justifiably skeptical people, that’s who.

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