During yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing on President Biden’s attempt to have OSHA implement a vaccine mandate, some of the more liberal justices, including Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer, made people wonder if they’ve been watching way too much MSNBC and CNN (Sotomayor’s whopper was too big for even Politifact to attempt to defend). Naturally, all that made the Left feel like they had to find a more conservative justice to accuse of uttering a falsehood, and one was initially found in the form of Neil Gorsuch:

Aaron Rupar was also all over it:

The transcript reads “hundreds of thousands” but it sounds like Gorsuch said “hundreds, thousands”:

Rupar is now uncertain:

There’s that “24 hours after the original tweet” kinda-sorta backtrack.

Don’t hold your breath.



For some reason, Elie Mystal and Aaron Rupar didn’t fact-check *all* of the SCOTUS justices today