During yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing on President Biden’s attempt to use OSHA to implement vaccine mandates, Justice Sonia Sotomayor was among those who has obviously been watching way too much CNN. Here are a couple of examples:

That second claim from Sotomayor was even too much for Politifact:

The claim actually deserved a “pants on fire” rating (or perhaps a new rating of “watches way too much CNN” is needed), but at least it’s a good start:

CNN’s Jake Tapper also called out Sotomayor for either intentionally lying or not knowing the facts:

Not surprisingly, some other “news” outlets weren’t interested in correcting the record, according to Newsbusters:

Media bias is often found as much in what they ignore as in what they deem worthy of covering.



Justice Breyer tries to outdo Sonia Sotomayor in the ‘WTF’ department at SCOTUS hearing on Biden vaccine mandates