Two Democrat senators — Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona — are among 50 others in the Senate opposing the $3.5 trillion bill that President Biden and Democrats are trying to pass. Activists have kayaked up to Manchin’s houseboat to tell him the bill “is not spending” while others even followed Sinema into a public bathroom while recording themselves harassing the Arizona senator.

But there are times when Dems and the media applaud members of Congress who go rogue and put “party over country.” The Washington Examiner’s Byron York has noted when the Left doesn’t appreciate a “maverick”:

The latest example can be found in Maureen Dowd’s column that slams Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for standing in the way of a president who “really needs a win right now.” Sinema’s not getting any “country over party” praise from Dems and the media.

Democrats praising those who put “country over party” always takes place on a one-way street.