If there are any actual journalists left in America, they were embarrassed for their profession during the Joe Biden press event yesterday. From a writer from The Atlantic asking Biden about Trump’s “soul” to the CBS News activist disguised as a reporter who asked the Dem nominee why he wasn’t acting “angrier” at the president, it was a wall-to-wall embarrassment.

Byron York has a list of the softballs disguised as questions that were lobbed at Biden:

It was a total joke right from the start:

Actual question from The Atlantic for Biden: “What does The Atlantic article tell you about Trump’s soul and the life he leads?”


However, ex-journo Ron Fournier — a former Washington bureau chief at the Associated Press — had a question about the questions:

Which question wasn’t the softest of softballs?

We don’t doubt that the Biden campaign considered all those questions more than “fair,” which is the whole problem.

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