As we told you earlier, Joe Biden’s press conference (and we use the term very loosely) featured some “reporters” (we also use that term loosely) lobbing the softest of softballs at the Democrat nominee.

One Trump adviser took note of the opening question and said that Biden may have already filled a position:

It sure was something else:

Very hard-hitting:

However, The Atlantic writer in question didn’t take well to somebody who was merely pointing out the incredibly obvious:

Because “the press” proved itself to be a colossal joke yet again?

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak responded:

But don’t dare question a member of the elite media:

The media who were gathered in that room really just take the rest of the day off and slink away in embarrassment after that monumental display of hackery they put on this afternoon. Instead, they’ll double down.

It’s a toss-up question!

And all the “unnamed sources” that come with them.

It appeared that every other “reporter” in that room does as well.