Now that Joe Biden’s gotten through his take on the Atlantic story about Donald Trump, it’s time for him to answer some questions.

Weird. He usually never leaves home without it!

Well anyway, Biden’s great off the cuff, so we have no doubt he’ll field the media’s tough questions with ease.

Fake, but accurate:

And it was a doozy, we’ve gotta tell ya:

So, we’ve got an Atlantic reporter handpicked by Joe Biden’s staff to ask a question about Donald Trump’s soul.

So many guts.

If that vacation is a cruise with Joe Biden, then yes.

This is not a drill:

Good Lord.

Our media are a joke. An absolute joke.

So, all in a day’s work for our fearless firefighters.



WHAT media/Dem coordination? Biden campaign has already held a press call about ‘appalling allegations’ in The Atlantic’s crumbling hit piece about Trump