Many of the 2020 Democrats are big supporters of the Green New Deal and all that entails, including calls for dramatic reductions in meat consumption. Cory Booker has said current meat consumption levels aren’t sustainable. Kamala Harris would like a reduction in the consumption of red meat. Bernie Sanders has indicated support for a “meat tax” to bring down consumption. Andrew Yang has proposed an emissions tax for beef to change Americans’ diets by making it too expensive to eat meat (well, too expensive for the non-well-to-do that is).

All of those Green New Deal supporters and more are making their cases this weekend at the… Iowa Steak Fry?

That’s just perfect:

LOL! You can’t make this stuff up.

We can’t wait to hear their plans for cutting down meat consumption while downing some steak to prove they’re “just like us”:

After this weekend these same Dems can return to attempting to say eating meat is destroying the planet.