Earlier this week, in the hit piece to end all hit pieces, NBC News ran with a scoop about Sen. Mitch McConnell’s great-great-grandfathers owning slaves. Not surprisingly, the story was then picked up by the Washington Post and was then used by the Left to call McConnell a hypocrite in opposing reparations and of course to imply that he must be a racist. Later on, Brit Hume spotted a story that must have escaped the ever vigilant investigative journalists at NBC News:

Gee, this story must not have been deemed scoop-worthy by the mainstream media:

No giant BREAKING NEWS treatment from NBC News with a WaPo follow-up for that story? We’re totally shocked.

Brace for more selective investigative journalism:

Perhaps the mainstream media will suddenly want to stop taking that approach before too long.



‘Cocaine Mitch strikes again!’ Mitch McConnell’s response to NBC News’ garbage hit piece is ‘straight savage’