Why do so many Americans hate the media?

That’s a rhetorical question, of course. But for those who still aren’t sure, please consider this a good answer:

Yeah? And? That makes Mitch McConnell … still not a slave owner.

Good Lord.

So, if NBC News is citing experts that say Mitch McConnell should not be held personally responsible for his slaveholding ancestors, why the hell is NBC News running with this story?

Imagine thinking that this was an avenue worth pursuing.

We get that the media hate Mitch McConnell. But this may be their most shamelessly transparent hit job on him to date.

Maybe they didn’t respond because NBC News’ hot scoop doesn’t merit a response other than a huge middle finger.

We shouldn’t even be having this conversation.


But hey, NBC News, if you really wanna play this game, best jump into it with both feet:

Unless she becomes a Republican, don’t hold your breath.

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