As Twitchy told you last night (coincidentally, we’re sure, on the eve of Democrat Amy McGrath’s campaign announcement), NBC News (and MSNBC) grabbed their shovels and attempted to dig up some of Mitch McConnell’s skeletons. The best they could find was that some of his ancestors had owned slaves. Apparently that was supposed to be the final nail in his coffin, given his opposition to reparations.

Anyway, it should go without saying that NBC News got dragged for their shameless hit job. And it should go without saying that the Washington Post decided that this was a story worth running with:

WaPo’s credibility and integrity die in blazing sunlight.

WaPo’s clearly got their marching orders. Journalistic malpractice is just part of the job now.

We can’t possibly see how this could come back to bite NBC, WaPo, and every other lefty bonehead seizing on this BS.

Meanwhile, NBC is refusing to let this go: