As we told you yesterday, TJ Helmstetter, who previously worked at the DNC as an associate communications director, claimed to have been kicked out of a Hill Country BBQ in Washington, DC after “standing up to a Nazi.” The “Nazi” in question was a man wearing a MAGA hat and minding his own business, and after confronting him about his hat, Helmstetter said the man’s girlfriend “jabbed her fingers into my chest and started threatening me.” At that point Helmstetter said the restaurant kicked him out and “not the woman who assaulted me.” Helmstetter’s version of the story caught the attention of a Washington Post reporter, who asked for more information.

The subsequent tsunami of eye rolls and head shakes caused Helmstetter to feel the need to lock his Twitter account, and the restaurant confirmed that the Trump-triggered guy was being “hostile” — color us shocked:

They expect people to behave in a civil fashion while in their restaurants? What a concept!



‘Enjoy the ratio’! Nazi-spotting ex-DNC staffer with hero complex comes back for a second helping of public humiliation