TJ Helmstetter, who previously worked at the DNC as an associate communications director, reports he was kicked out of Hill Country BBQ in D.C. (it’s not clear which one) after he bravely confronted a “Nazi”:

Wow. This could be an interesting story! The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel wanted details:

And. . . wow, dude. The “Nazi” turned out to be a guy and his date and all he did was wear a MAGA hat?

Yep. He should have just stopped at that first tweet:

Oh, it gets better:

If it’s assault, he should totally file a police report:

We really, really want him to file a police report:

How about just eat your damn BBQ and let others eat their BBQ in peace?

Everyone who is reading this thread is thinking this ==>

TJ, you got what you deserved:

Even fellow libs think he was in the wrong:

Hill Country is now our favorite D.C. restaurant: