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Er, yeah, this is simply amazing though unfortunately not very surprising:

Transcript and video of Chuck Todd’s interview are here. Dartmouth historian, lecturer and author of a book about Antifa, Prof. Mark Bray, said that violence from the group is a self-defense measure:

You write that violence represents a “small though vital sliver of anti-fascist activity” and you mention that it’s not the only thing they’re up to. But what makes it so vital?

Even if a group does not intend for that to be the way to go about it, if you’re organizing against violent fascists, being able to defend yourselves can unfortunately come in handy. The other part of it is looking at the broader historical trajectory of the rise of and fascism and Nazism in Europe, the liberal playbook for stopping the advance of fascism failed.

It sure didn’t look like “self-defense” last night.

We’re now back to the “peace through violence” spin that the media’s happy to help out with.



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