Clearly the people who are legally carrying are the real problem, not the thugs beating others with pipes, clubs and fists … like they did in Berkeley.

*eye roll*

From Slate:

Perhaps, instead of focusing on better arming the police, we should at least consider disarming the protesters. There are already limits on open carries for airports and some school zones; zoning where someone can and cannot openly carry a deadly weapon is nothing new. Let’s add peaceful protests to the list. There could be restrictions placed upon the armament of protesters and public assemblies.’

Disarm protesters? For real?

Probably stock footage from a Tea Party Rally.

Seems Slate doesn’t understand that modern-day protests are anything BUT peaceful.


Silly, thinking Slate would recognize any actual rights.

But guns are bad and stuff!


PSH, only white people got beat up: Mother Jones journo claims AntiFa wasn’t violent in Berkeley