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Ron Filipkowski Upset Trump Hasn’t Done Anything to Prove He’s Not Cognitively Impaired

AP Photo/Steve Helber

Donald Trump is 78 years old. Why aren't people questioning his cognitive abilities? Because they see them on display at his rallies and at CNN's presidential debate.


On Monday, we did a roundup of people asking where Trump has been hiding since the debate. He hasn't been hiding … he's just not getting in the way of the Democrat Party destroying itself. Harry Sisson, TJ Ducklo, Baraki Sellers, Michael McFaul, and the account Mueller, She Wrote (time to retire that name) all pointed out that President Joe Biden has made 18 appearances in 10 days. Some of those "appearances" have been phone calls to "Morning Joe" and black radio stations. If Biden's out there making appearances, it's because he's desperate to prove he doesn't have dementia.

Earlier today, we added Tristan Snell to that bunch of whiners: "Donald Trump has hidden from public view for 11 days," he posted. "Joe Biden has done 18 public events — and counting." Trump is doing rallies and podcasts … it's just that Biden's hogging the spotlight right now, and he's welcome to it.

We have to add Ron Filipkowski to the list. 


Name the place and time. "Make my day, pal." Trump just talked about the issues off the cuff for an hour and 20 minutes on the All-In podcast. No note cards, no teleprompter.


Trump's been out there campaigning. It's not his fault Americans are concerned with the cognitive fluctuations of the sitting president. Biden's the one who has something to prove.



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