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AP: President Joe Biden Goes Straight From G7 to Hollywood Fundraiser

Meme / screenshot

Dr. Jill Biden asked last spring how many 30-year-olds could keep up with her husband's schedule. The guy's a dynamo. As we posted earlier, Tom Elliott posted a video of all the members of corporate media telling us how sharp President Joe Biden is. Joe Scarborough and the "Morning Joe" crew went after the misinformation, "cheap fakes," and "vicious lies" we've been told about the president wandering away from the G7 members in Italy. You have to see the video in context, they say. OK, here's the context:


The Associated Press is reporting that Biden is going straight from the G7 conference in Italy to a celebrity-studded fundraiser in Hollywood featuring George Clooney and Julia Roberts.


Here's Harry Sisson, who's most definitely not paid by the Biden campaign to post … he's paid by his agency, which the DNC pays to have him post.

Donald Trump raised anywhere from $34.8 million to $52.8 million the day he was found guilty in his sham trial in Manhattan.

Doesn't it? This is Hollywood.


Remember when a bunch of celebrities got together and made a video of themselves singing "Fight Song" for Hillary Clinton?

Trump literally raised more by being found guilty of 34 felonies than Biden will with a bunch of Hollywood celebrities. Maybe lawfare wasn't such a good idea.


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