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Aid Deliveries to Gaza Suspended After Rough Seas Damage Biden's Pier

U.S. Army via AP

Remember back in March when the United States began airdrops of food and additional supplies to Gaza? President Joe Biden was determined to demonstrate that while he backed Israel, his heart was with the starving people of Gaza. What was there to stop Hamas from stealing the aid? Nothing.


Then, during the State of the Union address, Biden unveiled his plan to send in the U.S. military to construct an offshore floating pier from which ships could offload aid to the Palestinians. There would be no boots on the ground in Gaza, though; the entire project would be built offshore and then pushed into place.

Over the weekend, we'd heard reports that pieces of the temporary pier were floating away and that at least four U.S. military vessels had run aground.

If nothing else, the pier proved that the administration could complete infrastructure projects quickly when it wanted to.

The first aid trucks rolled across the pier, and Reuters reported that most of the aid was stolen as soon as it reached land.

Now, AP reporter Seung Min Kim reports that yes, Biden's pier has been damaged by rough seas and aid deliveries have been suspended.


The budget was $320 million, so you know it cost about $500 million.


Palestinian terrorists did launch a mortar attack while some U.N. dignitaries were touring the site, but no one was hurt.

So it's confirmed that aid shipments have already been halted due to damage to the pier.

Oh yeah, and there's still the matter of those military vessels running aground in a war zone.

Was this project to stop his base from calling him "Genocide Joe"? Will this pier debacle win him votes in Dearborn?


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