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Hot Take: 'Appeal to Heaven' Flag is Timothy McVeigh-Level Extreme and SCOTUS Is a Terrorist Org

Meme screenshot

We've seen some Democrats and newspaper editorial boards lose their minds over the American flag flying upside-down one day at Justice Samuel Alito's house in 2021. That's not the end of it, though. Intrepid reported once again responded to some tip from Alito's TDS-infected neighbors, who say he flew the controversial "Appeal to Heaven" flag over his beach house last summer. As Slate put it, Alito's second flag is even "scarier" than the first. No, really:


Here's the CBS News coverage of the important story:

Flags "linked to the insurrection." Yeah, there were maybe one or two people there at the Capitol with the Appeal to Heaven flag, but hopefully they've been locked up while awaiting trial and sentencing.

The hottest take, though, has come from this rando on X who has declared the Supreme Court "a terrorist organization."

Wow, even more extreme than a MAGA hat? Waco-level extreme? Timothy McVeigh extreme?


That photo's getting a lot of use today.

January 6 was worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined, just like Alito flying this flag is worse than the Oklahoma City bombing.


Both the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press, and many more we're sure, have been quick to point out that the flag is a banner of the "far-right."

We should have listened to Rolling Stone last November when they caught Speaker Mike Johnson flying the symbol of insurrection outside his office.

This is what the mainstream media does to liberals, or what we never hear called "the far Left." They go into hysterics after the media whips up a non-controversy.


As an aside, our own Sam Janney interacted with Denise Wheeler today, hopefully behind protective glass:



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