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As Biden continues to fall behind in polls ahead of the November election, the Democrats are ramping up attacks on Supreme Court conservatives to delegitimize SCOTUS, all because Trump's a threat to our nation's cherished norms and institutions, or something like that. 


Much of the media is, of course, more than happy to help the Left push these narratives. Among media outlets, nobody's more eager, ready and willing to carry the Dems' water than the Associated Press, and when it comes to the issue of Justice Samuel Alito's vacation home flag, they're all over it: 

"Journalism" has evolved into a dumpster fire. 

The AP is nothing but a press office branch of the DNC.

For many on the Left, the American flag is now a "banner of the far Right." There's no traditional symbol they won't play this game with. 

Print out AP stories to use as birdcage liners. Other than that they're useless. 



Here's another daily reminder: The AP is paid by left-wing orgs to push propaganda and is not a serious and objective news operation.

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