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Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Joins Call for a Ceasefire

AP Photo/Paul Beaty

As we reported Tuesday, Israel offered Hamas a two-month ceasefire in exchange for the return of all the hostages. Hamas turned down the deal, but we didn't see people protesting Hamas. A majority of the people agreed that Hamas was right to reject the deal because it would just let Israel continue its "genocide" of the Palestinian people after two months. The terrorist sympathizers have moved the goalposts from a ceasefire to a permanent ceasefire.


We can't believe there hasn't been a ceasefire already. The idiots in the room danced when San Francisco's city council passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire. Long Beach has also called for a ceasefire, along with plenty of cities we missed.

Now Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has joined the call for a ceasefire.

WTTW politics reporter has decided to just run with the Hamas-provided death toll. Did you know half of them are more were children?

Chicago's a sanctuary city — maybe they could take all the Palestinian refugees. It would appear, though, that Chicago has bigger problems.


According to WTTW, there were 617 homicides and 2,450 shootings across Chicago throughout 2023. And that was a decrease from the previous year.

What about Ukraine? Has he demanded a ceasefire from Russia?

The citizens of Chicago managed to exchange Lori Lightfoot for someone even worse. That's an accomplishment.


Jews aren't allowed to win a war, apparently, even after they were attacked.


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