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Democrat at Oversight Hearing mostly concerned about Rep. MTG's constituents' paychecks


When two IRS whistleblowers testified in front of Congress about how their investigation into Hunter Biden had been hobbled by the Justice Department, Democrats had a lot of questions. Not about Biden, though. Rep. Maxwell Frost, who Thursday claimed that "the only thing the president can be guilty of here is of being a father," name-dropped George Floyd. Rep. Shontel Brown's question for the IRS whistleblowers was if they knew the rate at which black taxpayers are audited compared to white taxpayers. Rep. Jasmine Summers, who on Thursday declared Joe Biden guilty — "of loving this child unconditionally," brought up slavery and lynching.


It's almost as though the Democrats are trying to deflect from the impeachment inquiry into Biden. And this editor hates to say it, but the ones who could pulled the race card … to protect 53-year-old "child" Hunter Biden, the epitome of white privilege.

Rep. Summer Lee, along with the rest of the Democrats, tried to deflect to the impending government shutdown and showed deep concern for the federal employees in Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's district.

So? They'll get a free vacation and back pay once the shutdown's over.


They can't look into the House Oversight GOP's 20 pieces of evidence against Biden (so far) but they can have their staffers check into MTG's constituents.


We get the government we asked for. And this is what the majority of voters wanted.


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