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Hey CNN, here are 16 times Joe Biden met with Hunter's business partners

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

I'm tired. Today has been quite the day. The White House sent a memo to "media leaders" telling them how to cover the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden's influence peddling. TIME found two "impeachment experts" who say the Republicans have "exactly zero, zip, bupkis" on Biden. CNN assigned three fact-checkers to debunk Speaker Kevin McCarthy's claims, saying that while they were true, they lacked context. OK, Biden did call into his son's business meetings, but they only discussed the weather … no, wait, Biden called into his son's business meetings because he loves him. "Hey son, just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. How's the weather there?"

Meanwhile, House Oversight Republicans issued their own list of 20+ pieces of evidence of corruption.

CNN's Abby D. Phillip declared "there's no evidence Joe Biden was involved in Hunter's business deals" … again, Biden just called in because he loves his son. Note CNN's chyron: "McCarthy Caves to Right, Calls for Biden Impeachment Inquiry." Actually, McCarthy caved under a mountain of evidence. There's no ignoring this anymore. Check this out:

Vice President Joe Biden meeting Hunter Biden's foreign business partners.

November 2010: Joe Biden had a sit-down meeting with Eric Schwerin - the president of Hunter's private equity firm - in the West Wing.

November 2011: Joe Biden met with Chris Heinz — a co-founder of Hunter’s private equity firm — in the West Wing.

March 2012: Joe Biden met with Andres Pastrana Arango — the former president of Colombia who Hunter was doing business with — at his personal residence.

December 2013: Hunter flew with Joe Biden aboard Air Force Two to China, where he introduced him to Jonathan Li, a Chinese businessman.

February 2014: Joe Biden had lunch with Hunter and two of Hunter’s Mexican business partners and was pictured giving them a tour of the White House.

June 2014: Joe Biden met Manuel Estrella — Hunter’s Latin American business associate. After the meeting, Estrella emailed Hunter: “Hunter, I just met your father! So exciting!” Hunter replied: “I'm glad it all finally came together.”

August 2014: Pictures show Joe Biden golfing with his son, Hunter, and Devon Archer while they were both serving on the Burisma board.

April 2015: Joe Biden attended a dinner in Washington, D.C., with Hunter’s business partners from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

November 2015: Joe Biden hosted his son’s Mexican business partners — Carlos Slim, Miguel Aleman Velasco, and Miguel Aleman Magnani — at his personal residence.

February 2016: Biden flew Hunter and Jeff Cooper — a family business partner — to Mexico City for a business trip aboard Air Force Two.

May 2017: Joe Biden met with family business partner Tony Bobulinski TWICE.

June 2018: Joe Biden texted Hunter saying that he was with Jeff Cooper — a family business partner — and that Cooper wanted to “do some work” with him.

Photos, emails, text messages, and White House visitor logs CONFIRM these meetings took place. It’s not up for debate.

So why did Joe Biden lie?

Even reporters are asking why Biden lies all the time.

Here's a dozen times Vice President Joe Biden played a role in Hunter's business dealings

1. Hunter Biden got his dad to write a recommendation letter to Brown University for the son of a powerful Chinese business partner, Jonathan Li.

2. Hunter Biden also arranged for his dad to write a letter to Georgetown University — Hunter’s alma mater — on behalf of Li’s daughter.

3.  In December 2013, Hunter and his daughter, Finnegan Biden, traveled to China on Air Force Two with then-Vice President Joe Biden during an official, six-day trip to Asia. Joe Biden met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and other officials — and also met with Li in the lobby of the hotel where the American delegation was staying.

4. In a 2019 text message to his daughter Naomi, Hunter Biden bitterly wrote, “I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years.” He added, “It’s ­really hard. But don’t worry, ­unlike Pop [Joe], I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

5. As vice president, Joe Biden met with Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer in April 2014, around the same time that Archer joined the Burisma board and shortly before Hunter Biden did. A photo that surfaced more than five years later reportedly shows Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Archer posing with golf clubs on a course in the Hamptons in August 2014.

6. Vadym Pozharskyi, a Burisma exec and adviser to its board, sent Hunter Biden an April 17, 2015, e-mail that said, “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure.”

7. One day earlier, Joe Biden attended a dinner at Washington DC’s Cafe Milano with some of his son’s business associates from Ukraine, Russia and ­Kazakhstan including Kazakhstani banking oligarch Kenes “Kenges” Rakishev and Karim Massimov, a former prime minister of Kazakhstan.

8.  Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski revealed in October 2020 that he spoke with Joe Biden in May 2017 after being introduced by Hunter, who reportedly described Bobulinski as “the one who’s helping us with the business we’re doing with the Chinese.”

According to Bobulinski — who has identified Joe Biden as “the big guy” with a 10 percent share in a planned deal with CEFC China Energy — the former vice president told him, “Keep an eye on my son and brother and look out for my family.”

9.  E-mails show that in September 2017, Hunter Biden asked for a new sign and additional keys to an office he was renting in Washington DC. The sign was to say, “The Biden Foundation and Hudson West (CEFC-US)” and the keys were for his father, stepmother Jill Biden, uncle James Biden and a Chinese executive named Gongwen Dong.

10. In 2015, then-Vice President Joe Biden hosted a group of his son’s Mexican business associates at the vice president’s official residence and posed for a photo with Hunter Biden and a group of possible business partners, including Mexican billionaires Carlos Slim and Miguel Alemán Velasco.

11. In 2016, e-mails indicate that Hunter Biden messaged Velasco’s son from Air Force Two, which was en route to Mexico for an official visit. Hunter complained to the younger Velasco that he hadn’t received reciprocal business favors after “I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing White House and the Vice President’s house and the inauguration.”

12. In a text message from July 2017, Hunter explicitly demanded payment from a CEFC executive, stating, "I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father." Just ten days after Hunter's threat, invoking his father's involvement, CEFC wired $5.1 million to Biden family bank accounts. Moreover, Ye Jianming, the Chairman of CEFC, gifted Hunter a 3.16-carat diamond valued at approximately $80,000.

In an email dated August 2017, Hunter mentioned that Ye Jianming had agreed to pay him "$10 million per year for a three-year guarantee, totaling $30 million," solely for providing introductions. Reports suggest that Joe Biden was set to receive ten percent of the CEFC China Energy deal, referred to as the "10% held by H for the Big Guy," a claim later confirmed by Hunter's business partner Tony Bobulinksi.

But Biden claimed that he never talked with Hunter about his overseas business dealings. It's on video.

It was quite a few years ago when some busybody put together a Google doc of "fake news" sites, and Twitchy proudly made the list. That really pissed me off, actually. Here's Abby D. Phillip on CNN coming right out and declaring as fact that "there's no evidence" Biden was involved in Hunter's business dealings. And these are the same media outlets warning of "disinformation."

CNN supposedly has a reporter or two on staff, right? Maybe look into all of these meetings to see if Biden's telling the truth. Do some journalism. Don't just read the memo the White House sent you. Ask some questions. Why was Hunter flying around on Air Force Two? Because he loves his dad, right?



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