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Scientific American reports on the decades of data supporting puberty blockers

We have a bunch of posts about Scientific American in the Twitchy archives on topics ranging from climate anxiety being linked to white fragility  to using physics to defend “abortion care.” SciAm had already lost us when it endorsed Joe Biden, and it hasn’t gained any of that ground back. Last year, Scientific American explained that the crisis doctors faced in the 1950s was having no idea what made people male or female. Also last year, Scientific American revealed that until the late 18th century, “Western science recognized only one sex.”


We were going to do a post on this the other day but took a pass:

“Here’s why human sex is not binary,” explains the Princeton anthropologist. Now Scientific American is at it again defending puberty blockers, pointing to the decades of data supporting their use (in managing precocious puberty). This comes at a time when trans activists are railing against “forced puberty.”

Allison Parshall reports:

Half of transgender people aged 13 to 24 have seriously considered suicide in the past year, according to a 2023 nationwide survey released on May 1 by the Trevor Project, a nonprofit focused on LGBTQ+ suicide prevention. Gender-affirming hormone therapy can decrease this risk. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, for example, showed that hormone therapy significantly decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety in transgender youth. Another study found that transgender teenagers who received gender-affirming care were 73 percent less likely to self-harm or have suicidal thoughts than those who didn’t.

Medication that pauses puberty, specifically, has the power to prevent a mental health crisis, making the treatment a “profoundly meaningful intervention” for a young person and their family, says Meredithe McNamara, an adolescent medicine physician at the Yale School of Medicine. “Puberty-blocking treatment is probably one of the most compassionate things that a parent can consent to for a transgender child.” It allows transgender children and their families the opportunity to weigh their options carefully, without the constant pressure of physical changes, she says.


Once more: We’re not going to let people like the Trevor Project use suicide as extortion. “If this child goes through puberty, he’ll probably kill himself!” Or … stay with us … maybe there’s a link between gender dysphoria and suicidal ideation that neither chemicals nor surgery will fix.

We’ve been assured by the White House that puberty blockers are totally reversible, and they’ve made cute cartoons pushing puberty blockers on fifth graders. There was even an American Girl book, “A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image,” which advertised puberty blockers. Maybe everyone should be put on puberty blockers just in case they’re transgender and don’t know it yet.



They’re pushing puberty blockers directly to children and leading adults to believe that if their son doesn’t want to get a haircut then he may be a candidate for “gender-affirming care.” If you were shouted down because you thought the COVID vaccine was untested and experimental, check out what they’re doing with puberty blockers. Hand ’em out like candy!


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