As Twitchy just reported, President Joe Biden put out a couple of tweets Thursday to mark Trans Day of Visibility, including a video in which he tells transgender Americans of all ages, “I’ve got your back.” This is one issue on which Biden hasn’t flip-flopped since the campaign; he made it clear early on that trans women belonged on girls’ sports teams and he’s followed through.

The Daily Wire’s Mary Margaret Olohan reports that the White House is also marking the day by issuing some messaging to the press to pass along to us.

At any age, we can support trans youth by adopting gender-affirming hairstyles, gender pronouns, and restrooms and other facilities. The chart then gets into puberty blockers and hormone therapy, which is given during adolescence and is partially reversible. Gender-affirming surgeries like removing the breasts aren’t reversible and are used on adolescents on a case-by-case basis.

Irreversible surgery is “gender-affirming medical care,” like abortion is “women’s reproductive health care.”

We did an inspiring post on #DetransAwarenessDay in which those who had de-transitioned told their stories. It was just last summer that “60 Minutes” featured people who had de-transitioned, which triggered ACLU lawyer Chase Strangio: “Lesley Stahl, Alexandra Poolos, and Collette Richards knew exactly the harm they were causing with last night’s segment.” We guess it’s OK to celebrate any type of sexuality except for those who’ve de-transitioned.

The school probably would have considered itself a safe space and set up a secret transitioning plan.

Hey, puberty blockers are reversible, according to the chart. What long-term damage they might do isn’t listed.




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