We haven’t been huge fans of “60 Minutes'” work as of late, but they deserve kudos for tackling the issue of detransitioning, something few LGBTQ advocates are willing to acknowledge exists:

So many people claiming to be trans advocates refuse to acknowledge the potential longterm physical, physiological, and psychological consequences of gender transition. Not every case of gender transition is a success story, and it’s important for everyone — especially for people considering transitioning — to understand the depth of such a life-altering decision before making it.

But ACLU lawyer and militant trans activist Chase Strangio doesn’t want them to understand what they’re signing up for. According to him/they, the true danger to the trans community lies in the knowledge of everything transitioning actually entails:

Beg your pardon?

It’s only harmful to Chase’s narrative.

Keeping biological males out of young women’s sports is not “targeting trans youth.” Strangio knows this and makes his appallingly intellectually dishonest argument anyway.

Do the people who regret “access to care” not deserve to tell their stories just because they’re in the minority? Does that mean that trans individuals shouldn’t be able to tell their stories, because they represent an “exceedingly tiny percentage of people”? Does Strangio understand what he’s saying here?

Chase Strangio is straight-up arguing that certain voices should be silenced for not toeing the line.

Chase Strangio isn’t an advocate for anything except his own agenda.

You first, Chase. Activist, heal thyself.



ACLU lawyer Chase Strangio says anti-trans violence could be solved if people just embraced their ‘feared desire’ to have sex with trans people

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