Jesse Singal is one of those writers whom a lot of people write off as one of those Substack conservatives because he writes a lot about gender identity with a critical eye. That critical eye caught sight of this quote by trans writer Jules Gill-Peterson in Scientific American: “The crisis for both physicians and psychologists in the 1950s was that they had no idea what made people male or female. It wasn’t chromosomes. It wasn’t gonads, right? It wasn’t hormonal composition. It wasn’t genetics.”

Yeah, quite the crisis we were facing.

The end game is evolution:

When did Darwin say that creatures evolved with no predestined purpose? Survival? Reproduction?

A lot of “scientific” journals have turned into laughingstocks over this.

Even Barack Obama believed that marriage was between a man and a woman and God was somewhere in the mix. At least that’s what he believed before he lit up the White House in rainbow lights. The end game was letting gays get married, duh.


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