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Here's a great thread on why progressives want you to eat bugs and own nothing

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen the stories about how humans should be eating bugs instead of cows and how much better it would be for the environment. Humans also shouldn’t have cars … they should live where they can get where they need to go either by mass transit or on a bicycle. Which means they should live in cities; the suburbs were a mistake (as is the nuclear family) and lawns are another environmental catastrophe.


So what happens when a city like San Francisco or Los Angeles gets too crowded? Well, people could live in apartments made out of shipping containers, or they can live communally in “pods” — essentially a bunk like a camp with a lamp and a plug for your laptop. Or here’s an idea from Slate: dorms for grown-ups! You get your own room but share a kitchen, bathroom, etc. Or look at these colorful abodes:

This sketch of heating a home versus heating people inspired quite a thread:



Remember CHAZ? The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is Seattle with its own community garden and armed community patrols? (And four murders?) That was liberals’ idea of paradise.


Remember #EmptyShelvesBiden?


This reminds us of when Brian Stelter got mad when people said New York City was all boarded up over the threat of riots and looting. Why, the boards were coming down on his block, and the city even put back the trash can on the corner that protesters had repeatedly set on fire.

Remember #OperationFlyFormula? The Biden administration using the military to fly in baby formula from Switzerland? What a proud moment.


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