You’ve certainly heard that California has a housing crisis: an apartment costs a gazillion dollars a month if you can find one, and no one’s building affordable housing because there’s so much regulation.

Someone at Slate argued that in San Francisco at least, it was time to bring back dormitories for adults. For only $1,400 to $2,400 a month, who needs their own kitchen, living room, or bathroom … just sleep in a closet and share the rest with your dorm mates.

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang was just in Las Vegas where he checked out apartments made out of shipping containers, and he thought they looked promising, although people living in them now in the U.K. call them “mental torture” and “not for human beings.”

Now Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin has checked out PodShare in Los Feliz and he too thinks it looks promising.

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With President Yang sending you a check for $1,000 every month, you could almost afford one of these bunk beds.