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Watch as another parent 'storms' a school board meeting and obliterates critical race theory

The pushback against critical race theory in schools has been successful enough to get the liberals in the media to pay attention and write their own pieces blaming Fox News and ultra-conservative groups and dark money for parents “storming” school board meetings. So what are they saying? They don’t want parents having a say in their children’s public school education? No, it’s more like hydroxychloroquine and the Wuhan lab-leak theory; support for them implies support for Donald Trump, and that must not be allowed.


So far we’ve seen pieces from The Intercept, NBC News, MSNBC, Slate, Vanity Fair, and others targeting the parents: they either don’t understand what critical race theory is or they’ve been caught up in the “moral panic machine” created by Fox News.

On Wednesday we did a post about Asra Q. Nomani, vice president of Parents Defending Education, who called out Vanity Fair for refusing to acknowledge liberal parents of color who also oppose critical race theory. If only the defenders of critical race theory could paint its opponents as white supremacists, but for those pesky black mothers and interracial couples who also oppose it. Watch this:



Will do.


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