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Glenn Greenwald pulls up CNN's coverage of those peaceful protesters being gassed and shot for President Trump's photo-op

We have questions.

Twitchy has been posting a lot Wednesday about that new inspector general’s report that says U.S. Park Police did not violently clear protestors from Lafayette Park so President Trump could do his Bible photo-op in front of St. John’s Church, which was the target of arsonists during Black Lives Matter protests in Washington, D.C. We think it’s important, because it shows again, as NBC News’s Ken Dilanian admitted, “the narrative we thought we knew was not the reality.”


Some still don’t believe the report. Here’s former White House correspondent Peter Maer suggesting the IG “was on a short leash.” He also repeats the lie that Trump held the Bible upside-down; even Snopes says that’s false. But that too was part of the narrative.

And let’s talk about the fire. The Washington Post’s religion reporter said at the time that the blaze did not appear to cause any significant damage.

A year later, however, the church rector told WTOP news anchor Ken Duffy that there was still a lot to repair, in the hundreds and thousands of dollars.

So … which is it? Can we get a fact-check? On June 2, 2020, WTOP’s Neal Augenstein reported that Park Police did not use tear gas and did not know about Trump’s march to the church.


Huh … that checks out with what the inspector general found. And we knew it a year ago.

Speaking of fact-checkers, here’s CNN’s Daniel Dale and his fact-check at the time:

Glenn Greenwald pulled the receipts. Here’s CNN’s Erin Burnett reporting on the peaceful protesters who were gassed and shot with rubber bullets so Trump could have his photo-op.


Heck, Twitchy said it at the time.


According to the Park Police, it wasn’t peaceful, even if the narrative was that it was “predominately peaceful.” CNN, NPR, all agreed it was “peaceful.”


Of course, most people in Greenwald’s replies can’t believe he’s trusting a government report, even though it lines up with what the Park Police reported at the time. The story’s out there and those who choose to believe it aren’t going to have their minds changed. The church was mostly spared but is still under repair a year later. The Bible was upside-down, but it wasn’t. Good thing we have fact-checkers.


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