By now you’re well aware that the job of “fact-checker” all too often is defined as somebody who checks to make sure a claim matches up with the Democrats’ narrative, and if it does the claim is ruled “true.” Such was the case after some claimed that Lafayette Park was cleared of protesters so President Trump could have a photo op at a church. The media helped Democrats run with that narrative, except now an IG report says that’s not at all what happened. As NBC News’s Ken Dilanian said earlier today, “the narrative we thought we knew was not the reality.”

Something else wasn’t reality, and that’s CNN’s Daniel Dale’s “fact-check” earlier this year on a claim that Trump didn’t have protesters cleared out of the area for his short walk to the church:

Another “fact-check” fail? Say it ain’t so!

If “fact-checkers” had any credibility left, we’d be surprised that another ruling has gone down in flames.

We can’t wait for the “in light of this new information” update (if that even happens).