As we told you earlier today, a government watchdog report found that police did not clear Lafayette Park during a BLM protest in DC last year in order for President Trump to have a photo op at St. Johns Church.

As is often the case, the reality flies in the face of the narrative the media worked hard to spread last year:

The lib media chewed on that “Trump had the park cleared for a photo op” bone for quite a while and the Left ate it up as usual. However, like so much of what the media reported about Trump, it was “fake news.”

NBC News’ Ken Dilanian called it a “really surprising finding,” which is only surprising to anybody who hasn’t been paying attention to how often the media got busted pushing BS during Trump’s presidency:

“The narrative we thought we knew was not the reality”? Those words should be etched on the headstone marking the passing of the MSM’s credibility.

The media’s left themselves covered in glory… wait, maybe that’s not glory.