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Activist says blacks could loot every store in the country for 200 years and it wouldn't pay back the debt owed

There were some hot takes on rioting and looting after the video of George Floyd’s death went viral. One blue-check reminded us that “looting is not violence,” which went hand-in-hand with 1619 Project architect Nikole Hannah-Jones’s theory that “destroying property, which can be replaced, is not violence.” Sally Kohn reminded us that all of the businesses being looted and burned down were insured.


Dollar Tree comes up in a bit, so here’s video of the Dollar Tree in Brooklyn Center that was looted and set on fire after the death of Daunte Wright.

Activist Kim Brown, who hosts “Burn It Down with Kim Brown” on YouTube, says she fully supports the looting of Dollar Tree, and of Advance Auto Parts (which was burned down). Why? Because blacks could loot every store in America for 200 years and still not have their debt repaid. Someone should tell her stores aren’t going to reopen if they’re continually looted.



She seems to overlook that a lot of the looters in Minneapolis were white, and a lot of the businesses that were looted and torched were black-owned.


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