Hey, Sally Kohn, here’s someone else who’s on board with your idea that America needs to get its priorities right: All of these businesses that are being looted and even burned down are insured and can be replaced, unlike a human life. Well, except for those small businesses that weren’t insured, or had to drop their insurance because they were closed down in the COVID-19 lockdown, or had insurance that didn’t cover rioting and insurrection.

Pulitzer Prize-winning “1619 Project” architect Nikole Hannah-Jones, who recently defended Joe Biden and his “you ain’t black” remark, thinks we need to be careful with our language and not call the destruction of property “violence,” because that would put it on equal footing with the killing of George Floyd, which was actual violence, and that would be immoral.

It’s very likely.

As someone mentioned above, celebrities and Kamala Harris and Joe Biden staffers are all donating to bail out those arrested during the protests/riots instead of donating to rebuild some of the hundreds of small businesses that were destroyed. It’s just property.