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CNN's Chris Cillizza in hot water for suggesting it's high time for Joe Biden to take questions from the press

Last week was the big announcement: Joe Biden had selected Kamala Harris to be his running mate. The first day was nothing more than an appearance together, but the following day, at a supposed press conference, Biden and Harris skipped out before answering any questions from the press. The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin observed that this was “not a show of confidence on day two.” But the reporter who took the most heat on social media was NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell, who also observed that Biden and Harris declined to take questions. “THEY’VE GOT WORK TO DO!!!!” explained one angry tweeter.


And RNC Research picked up on this video from Friday, showing reporters being hustled out of the room by Biden staffers:

CNN’s Chris Cillizza posted an analysis Monday explaining that it’s high time that Biden take questions from the press:

Cillizza writes:

… it’s true that what Trump has done in terms of the media in his first term in office is far more damaging than Biden shuttering himself away from the media during the heat of the presidential campaign. But Trump’s transgressions being far more severe don’t give Biden a blank check to avoid the media and their questions. Especially because Biden has run a campaign centered on the idea of bringing back “normal” to American politics.

It’s not enough to be “less bad” than Trump. Biden needs to meet the standards of presidents who have come before him. And at the moment, he’s not.

As you can imagine, Cillizza’s comments drew the wrath of the Resistance:


NPR? You definitely qualify as activists.

So Cillizza is wrong, and Biden’s supporters don’t care if he ever answers a reporter’s question until after he’s inaugurated.

That’s why Never Trumpers like Bill Kristol and others keep trying to convince us that there shouldn’t be any presidential debates at all. Biden just needs to be silent and let the media do the campaigning for him and against President Trump.



Yep … CNN and the rest of the mainstream media were all in the tank for Trump in 2016, reporting on Hillary’s emails like they did.

It’s amazing how quickly Biden supporters will descend en masse on any journalist who even hints at criticizing the Biden campaign — and that they think Cillizza is carrying water for Trump.



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