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Beto O'Rourke supporters furious with the media and its over-the-top mockery of their candidate

As Twitchy reported Friday, some guy named Robert Francis O’Rourke dropped out of the presidential race, and his campaign asked the media to be “respectful” of his volunteers as they yanked Beto 2020 yard signs from the ground as they were feeling “very vulnerable” at the moment.


They were reportedly hugging and crying as the news came in Friday, but now it can be told: A lot of them are furious with the media. Just like Hillary, it seems, there’s no excuse that doesn’t fit. Isn’t this the guy who re-launched his campaign a second time on “The View” (when he was literally polling at 0.0 percent in New Hampshire) and appeared on “Ellen” as well as the cover of Vanity Fair? That’s not even an exhaustive list, but for a candidate hovering around 2 percent support, he got plenty of airtime.

Anyway, CNN’s Eric Bradner says O’Rourke’s supporters think he was punished by the media for declining national television interviews early on and instead live-streaming his teeth cleanings.

Rob Flaherty was the campaign’s digital director, so we think this next tweet is absolutely sincere:


… while streaming his dentist appointment. How many sob stories are we going to wring out of this?


That’s a good point. Alyssa Milano and her Hollywood pals couldn’t shovel money into his Senate campaign fast enough, but we don’t recall them rushing out to endorse him when he had competition from his own party.


It really is funny to see how many O’Rourke supporters are more than furious that the media mistreated him so badly: CNN and MSNBC getting reamed by liberals is a sight to see.



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