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Dana Loesch gives Rep. Ilhan Omar some background on Walmart CEO's biography

It’s been a banner week for Rep. Ilhan Omar. Her (completely false) tweet about a 9-month-old who “died” in Texas because of President Trump’s policies is still up, she penned on op-ed opposing economic sanctions even though she supports the BDS movement, and then she voted “present” on a resolution to recognize the Armenian genocide and was the lone Democrat voting against sanctions on Turkey.


But wait, there’s more. She also has her eye on capitalism here in America, and a piece on CNBC about what CEOs make inspired her to rail against the “moral outrage” of Walmart’s pay scale.

Dana Loesch both pitched in to let Omar know that Walmart’s CEO didn’t just walk into the job one day.


And as a bonus, here’s Carol Roth:



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