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Hot take: Maybe Trump's Twitter attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings contributed to his death

We disagreed with the late Rep. Elijah Cummings on almost everything, but sincerely, we’re very sorry to hear of his death at only 68. We’re even more sorry that the pieces being written about him, by the New York Post and Washinton Post, among others, chose to work his clashes with President Trump into their headlines, as if that were the defining point of his long career.


We were relieved to read Trump’s respectful note on Twitter, which steered clear of politics and honored the man, although we knew a lot of people would find fault with even that, and we were right.

Sirius XM radio host Dead Obeidallah managed to surprise us anyway with his hot take: in responding to Trump’s brief tweet of condolence, Obeidallah managed to suggest that perhaps it was Trump attacking Cummings over and over on Twitter that contributed to his decline in health and eventual passing.

Narrator: We do not have to ask if those attacks contributed to his decline in health. Actually, it’s pretty insulting to think that a man who’d gone through as much as Cummings had would be physically hurt by mean tweets.





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