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Bureaucracy at work: Has Canada lost track of 50,000 Syrian refugees?

Remember right after President Donald Trump was inaugurated and mobs of protesters packed JFK International in New York and other airports to protest the new administration’s so-called “Muslim ban?” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was quick to welcome any and all refugees to head just a little bit further north.


Heck, Trudeau might have even welcomed you personally at the airport:

More refugees than Trudeau likely imagined took him up on the offer. In yesterday’s Vancouver Sun, however, there was an interesting piece claiming that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, formerly just the Immigration Department, hadn’t followed up in two years with a report on some 50,000 Syrian refugees in the country.

Columnist Douglas Todd reports:

… after more than two weeks of inquiries by Postmedia, a media relations officer acknowledged the department has not produced any report in almost two years on the about 50,000 Syrian refugees now in Canada.

Canada’s auditor general is among the unamused. The Liberals had a plan to monitor whether the mostly Arabic-speaking refugees were learning English or French, working, receiving social assistance and going to school, but the government has failed to follow through, said auditor general Michael Ferguson. It is Ottawa’s responsibility, he said, to make sure Syrians refugees “integrate into Canadian society.”


“Integrate into Canadian society?” That sounds vaguely racist to us. What happened to celebrating diversity?

Candice Malcolm is a columnist with The Toronto Sun:

Trudeau is kind of busy apologizing for the oppression of Canada’s LGBTQ2 people and reflecting on an old groping allegation, but someone ought to be keeping up with the paperwork on all these refugees, right?


Changing the laws so that non-citizens can vote? That rings a bell.


We don’t know how that would go over; President Trump took a lot of heat for extending only until 2019 a “temporary” residency program launched in 2010 for around 60,000 Haitian refugees displaced by an earthquake.

Wasn’t Canada where all the Hollywood liberals were going to move if Trump won? That number was easy enough to track.


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