An allegation that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau groped a reporter at a music festival in 2000 has been making the rounds on social media after someone posted an image of an editorial written at the time detailing the allegations.

Trudeau didn’t pull a Kevin Spacey and announce he was choosing to live his life as a gay man, but he did tell reporters that he’s reflected very carefully and doesn’t think he acted inappropriately — although he respects the fact that “someone else might have experienced that differently.” Honestly, we forget — who used that line of defense recently? Al Franken, or someone else?

In any case, Trudeau is finally speaking out.

The National Post reports:

After the festival, the [Creston Valley] Advance published an unsigned editorial accusing the then-28-year-old Trudeau, still years away from a career in politics, of the “inappropriate handling” and “groping” of a young female reporter for the paper who had covered the festival. It also quoted an apology it said he gave her the following day.

Trudeau’s office had previously provided a one-paragraph statement on the incident that said he did not recall any “negative interactions.” He repeated a similar message in Regina on Canada Day, telling reporters when asked that he remembered the festival — that it had been a “good day” — but that he didn’t “remember any negative interactions that day at all.”

So, will Trudeau be swept up in the #MeToo movement or will his statement put the issue to bed?