As Twitchy has reported, a huge surge of Haitians has been heading for an illegal border crossing into Canada seeking refugee status amid fears that the Trump administration would end a temporary residency permit program that has allowed almost 60,000 citizens from Haiti to live and work in the United States.

The permit program was set up in 2010 to provide refuge after a powerful earthquake devastated Haiti and has been extended several times. On Monday, the Trump administration announced that it would be extending the program once more, to July 2019.

The Associated Press reports:

The Homeland Security Department said conditions in Haiti have improved significantly, so the benefit will be extended one last time — until July 2019 — to give Haitians time to prepare to return home.

“Since the 2010 earthquake, the number of displaced people in Haiti has decreased by 97 percent,” the department said in a press release. “Haiti is able to safely receive traditional levels of returned citizens.”

Advocates for Haitians quickly criticized the decision, arguing the conditions in the island nation haven’t improved nearly enough for Haitians to be deported.

So, the Trump administration is both extending the temporary program and declaring an end to it. Rep. Katherine Clark, for one, calls the move both “cruel and dangerous.”

Thing is, Trump wasn’t president when the “temporary” residency permit program was created, though. Again, he only seems to be enforcing what previous administrations set in place and then let lapse.

Or head for Canada and assume refugee status there — assuming the program really won’t be extended again.

Make that nine years.

* * *