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VAN CONTROL: Nicholas Kristof thinks that vehicle safety is a good model for gun safety

After the mass shooting in Parkland, there were plenty of lies spread about how easy it is to obtain a firearm, and in particular, an AR-15.

One post that went viral claimed that a 20-year-old was able to buy an AR-15 in five minutes with an expired ID (never mind that he didn’t actually purchase the rifle or fill out the paperwork). Worse yet, CBS News posted and then took down a video claiming that it was easier to buy an assault rifle than cold medicine.


Now, after a man in Toronto killed 10 people by running them down with a Ryder van, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is comparing renting a van to purchasing a firearm and insinuating it’s easier to do the latter.

Yeah, but anyone can just walk into a gun shop and buy a gun, no questions asked, right? Obviously, he’s saying that AR-15s should be retrofitted with airbags and not chainsaw bayonets.

And to be honest, if you are brandishing a firearm in self-defense, the last thing you’re worried about is it being “safe” for the target.



If Kristof learns anything, we’d hope it would be this: whether someone is murdered with a van or a firearm, let’s blame the person using the tool and not the tool.

* * *


We saw this last night, but it looks like it would fit well here:


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