CBS News has put together a little video showing how in Florida, it’s easier to buy an assault rifle than it is to obtain cold medicine.

No, really.

Check it out for yourself: we watched the video twice and never saw a single mention of background checks being required to buy cold medicine; instead, CBS News asserts that you can buy more than one gun at a time, but customers are limited as to how much Sudafed they can purchase at the pharmacy.

So … that’s what makes it “easier” to obtain an assault rifle? Seriously?

Oh, and the FDA is lobbying for warning labels on over-the-counter diarrhea medications — what that has to do with purchasing a gun we have no idea, but thanks, CBS News, for your unbiased and factual reporting.

But … CBS News says right in its video that “some posts on social media are alleging that guns are easier to buy in Florida than some household products.” That’s practically a fact-check right there, isn’t it?

Seriously, Mark Knoller is one of the few straight-shooters left in the news business; could he please have a word with someone about this video that puts his credibility on the line?

Chance that CBS News will retract this claim and delete the tweet? We’d say somewhere around zero percent.


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