Back during the Trump administration, a lot of journalists and political types took to quoting “The New Colossus,” the poem that was added to the Statue of Liberty. CNN’s Jim Acosta has his own Sunday show now, but when he was a White House correspondent, he started reading the poem in the White House briefing room, and then tweeted the text in its entirety:

That was just the start. “CBS This Morning” co-anchor Gayle King visited a border patrol facility in McAllen, Texas, where children of illegal immigrants were being housed, and promptly reported that “the Statue of Liberty, I think, is weeping right now.” MSNBC reported that historians slammed the White House’s remarks about the Statue of Liberty: “It’s like saying the Bill of Rights doesn’t count.”

Now that Joe Biden is president, it’s time to turn all of that around. Self-declared sanctuary cities like New York City and Washington, D.C., are saying their resources are being overwhelmed by busloads of migrants arriving from Texas and Arizona.

Dean Obeidallah said the busing was more of the GOP’s brutality on display:

We checked … Acosta has retweeted the poem, and MSNBC has talked about it either. And how is it “brutality” to bus someone from Texas to New York City? Isn’t that a good thing, since Texas is such a hellhole?