As Twitchy reported, Senior White House Adviser Stephen Miller got into it with CNN’s Jim Acosta at today’s White House press briefing, with critics declaring Miller a Nazi and a white supremacist over his immigration policy, which would require prospective green card recipients to learn English.

For his part, Acosta paraphrased “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus as if it were U.S. immigration law, told Miller that his father had come to the United States as a Cuban immigrant in the 1960s, and suggested that the English language requirement would limit immigration to those from Great Britain and Australia.

NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell didn’t go so far as other journalists and tweet the entirety of the Lazarus sonnet, but she did call Miller “rude” for lecturing Cuban-American Acosta.

Since Acosta’s family lived it first-hand, Miller ought to have surrendered the podium and let Acosta dictate the administration’s immigration policy.

Funny, that. Remember that time when Mark Halperin, now a senior political analyst with *cough* NBC News, quizzed Sen. Ted Cruz on his Cuban heritage, asking him what kind of Cuban food he liked to eat as a kid and what sort of Cuban music he listens to?

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