On a recent episode of “Reliable Sources,” CNN’s Brian Stelter ridiculed conservatives for heading into the midterm elections with the theme of protecting kids from the dangers of … The Walt Disney Company. But that wasn’t the real story. The backlash was from Disney deciding to insert itself into the debate over Florida’s popular Parental Rights in Education bill after employees pressured CEO Bob Chapek to call Gov. Ron DeSantis and express his disappointment, and also pledge to oppose similar legislation that was sure to pop up across the country. Disney didn’t have to say anything; it chose this fight.

A week later, Stelter was still coming to Disney’s defense by bringing on billionaire heiress Abigail Disney to vent about conservatives’ “coordinated, strategic plan” to make Disney look bad. If that coordinated, strategic plan was to release video from Disney’s all-hands meeting to placate LGBTQIA+ employees, it worked, and the company can thank Christopher Rufo for posting those videos to Twitter. “I was just wherever I could adding queerness,” admitted one executive producer.

Rufo is back with a Trafalgar Group poll showing that 68 percent of Americans are “less likely to do business with Disney” now:

CNN opinion columnist Nicole Hemmer recently wrote a piece exposing “the emerging right-wing children’s entertainment industry,” noting things such as the launch of Daily Wire Kids and the “Heroes of Liberty” book series. If you don’t like it, build your own kids’ entertainment industry, right?

Speaking of the “dangers” of The Walt Disney Company, Stelter’s colleague at CNN, Anderson Cooper, did a report in 2014 about Disney’s child sex predator problem. What kind of message was that to send about Disney?

Rufo gets results.

How about Dollywood?

Disney chose to placate disgruntled employees by alienating customers and shareholders. As we said above, Disney picked this fight over teaching sexual orientation and gender identity to kindergarteners.


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