Now that Republicans have “exhausted” the topic of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s consistently lenient sentences for child porn offenders, it’s time for the media to step in and do some patchwork where Jackson seemed to stumble. As Twitchy reported earlier, Jackson couldn’t define what a “woman” is because she’s not a biologist. What a dumb question, huh?

But consider the weeks of protests and even rioting outside the Wi Spa after a woman complained that a biological male was hanging around naken in the women-only area of the spa. The Los Angeles Times explained how “far-right rage over transgender rights” led to chaos in front of the spa. Suppose it came before the court — suddenly the judge’s definition of “woman” is pretty critical. (As a bonus, it turned out the trans woman who sparked the riots was a registered sex offender and probably would have gotten a sweet sentence from Jackson.)

The Washington Post’s Philip Bump is up to bat to smooth this over and thinks it’s time we talk about the effort to undercut Jackson’s nomination.

Let’s talk about it, but let’s first make sure we have our definitions straight. We mean, President Joe Biden said he was going to pick a black woman, right? He must know what it means.


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