As Twitchy reported early this month, a spa in Los Angeles was at the center of controversy after a woman posted a viral video on social media about seeing a naked trans woman in the women’s section. “He is a man,” the woman says in the video. “He is not no female.” Wi Spa said that it follows state law, which makes discrimination against transgender customers and other gender non-conforming people in business establishments illegal. The woman held a protest in front of the spa, which attracted the usual suspects as counter-protesters, and violence broke out in the street:

There was another protest Saturday, but this time the cops were on hand to rough up some of the counter-protesters with batons.

The Los Angeles Times is weighing in, explaining how “far-right rage over transgender rights” has led to chaos in the streets. It’s funny; from the video it doesn’t look like there was any chaos in the streets until Antifa showed up.

We’re kind of bummed Twitchy didn’t make the list of far-right media outlets:

The video showed a woman arguing with Wi Spa employees after she said she had seen a customer with male genitalia in an area that is reserved for women. The Wilshire Boulevard facility has some gender-separated areas with changing rooms and Jacuzzis.

The footage was quickly amplified by an international network of right-wing activists, pundits and media outlets, including Breitbart, the Gateway Pundit, RealClearPolitics and TheBlaze, a publication founded by Glenn Beck. Message boards where anti-trans activists gather, including Mumsnet, saw thousands of comments.

So, tell us more about this far-right rage:

Brian Levin, director of the nonpartisan Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at Cal State San Bernardino, said the protests are indicative of a “democratization of hate” that has allowed far-right groups with a variety of ideologies to come together around flash-point events after they are amplified online and in conservative media.

“The lightning rod stuff that occurs on social media … then gets slung like a catapult by influencers, and then ends up as violence in the streets,” he said.

We did a search of the article but nowhere saw mention of the “far-left” or any rage from that end of the spectrum, so we’re not sure who was throwing objects at police.

There’s no mention of Antifa in the article, only “transgender rights activists.”

We’re telling you, there’s no mention of Antifa at all in the article. They would have included that had they been there, right?

As a palate cleanser, once again, here’s video from Saturday’s counter-protest: