As Twitchy reported a couple of weeks ago, fights broke out in the streets of Los Angeles in front of a spa where a trans woman had decided to go naked in the women’s-only area, in front of young girls. One woman was outraged that the spa would let that happen and set up a protest out front that Saturday; as usual, Antifa showed up to counter-protest, and violence broke out.

They’re at it again today in front of the Wi Spa in Koreatown, but the police seem to be much more involved this time.

Is it just us, or does Antifa’s homemade “armor” make anyone laugh? Does that guy have football shoulder pads on?

Again we see Antifa’s weapon of choice: the skateboard.

Just a reminder that this is about trans rights. Hear us out, because this is kind of crazy, but … what if the trans woman, knowing she had male genitalia, kept a towel on out of respect for the females there?

As usual, there are plenty in the comments saying, “That’s not Antifa!” The must agree with President Biden that it’s just an idea.

* * *


Here’s some more video of the cops in action: